Since 2012 Tamra has been working in her own businesses, from importing goods and getting them manufactured in China, and selling them worldwide to specialising in lead generation and marketing through direct response marketing strategies using tools like Facebook Ads.

Her extensive experience in helping grow small businesses led her to become part of a mentor and teaching team teaching Facebook Ads to agency owners in 2017 and 2018.

Her goal is to encourage and help more indigenous people to start their own businesses.

When she’s not working you’ll find her at the gym, relaxing with her partner and 3 dogs or spending time with her sisters doing one of their favourite things – eating 🙂

Our Services

For the last 4 years we’ve helped new and established businesses to Invent, Launch and Grow with Strategy, Digital & Media. 

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook ads bring 10x ROAS on average

Instagram Advertising

Direct traffic to site, drive sales and leads, retarget for more

Google Ads

Most valuable searches, refine campaigns for searchers, continuously optimize

LinkedIn Advertising

Target professionals, niche audiences, turn connections into profit

Lead Generation

Tailored email list, compelling copy, drive more responses and turn them into leads

Email Marketing

Grow database, direct response emails, drive sales

Usability and Conversion

SEO + usability + conversion optimization = true CRO

Amazon Marketing

Amazon SEO + Amazon advertising + External (PPC, email, social etc.)

Strategic & Advisory

Strategic planning, project management, market research and insights, market alignment, financial modelling, predictive analytics

Web Design

Responsive web design, built for needs and conversion, easy to edit and update and 24/7 support

Social Media Management

Develop brand awareness, build relationships and engagement, increase website traffic

Our Platforms

Shopify Ecommerce

Themes that are responsive, priced appropriately, trusted marketing and payment

Magento Ecommerce

Reliability, customization, expert support and fastest payback

WordPress Ecommerce

Economy and flexibility

BigCommerce Ecommerce

All the capabilities of enterprise ecommerce—without the cost or complexity.

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