Gillette Direct

Gillette has a Direct To Consumer (DTC) subscription model in the U.S, UK and Japan – and when it came to launching in Australia, Gillette employed the services of Ten Four.

One of our responsibilities was to improve Customer Acquisition (CA). Build audiences, generate leads and convert.

In order to achieve this, we spearheaded creative, delivered media, optimised lead acquisition funnels and deployed robust data analysis. We also led website UX/UI and CRO solutions to maximise the customer acquisition process.

The methodology we employed to do this consisted of:

  1. Create & run a Pre-launch campaign to build interested audiences for the new DTC product.
  2. Create & run a Hype campaign to get products sold out as soon as doors opened.
  3. Run a Launch campaign with an Offer for the first subscribers. We hit the KPI’s for this in less than 24 hours.
  4. Run an evergreen campaign that needed to achieve monthly KPI’s.
  5. Maintain and optimise those results utilising Facebook, Messenger, Google and YouTube advertising channels.
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