Steph Gaudreau

Steph Gaudreau – Best selling health and fitness author, coach and strength training expert

Our role was to help increase online conversions for Steph’s training programs through Facebook Ads.

The first assessment of Facebook Advertising is to audit an ad account to see what has been done, what’s going wrong and where the opportunities are.

There were some easy wins straight up with this business – from there the mission evolved from “let’s fix this” into “how can we grow this business further?”.

  1. Copy and structure of her landing page needed improvements.
  2. Retargeting of her webinar visitors that didn’t yet purchase her program (can add 30% to Rev)
  3. Creative messaging and assets that better reflected who she was and what she was selling.
  4. Building a Group for her content and an avid audience for her products.
  5. Evergreen monthly campaigns planned in advance for Promotions
  6. Partnering together to create new products for her audience which increased her brand exposure and her revenue.
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