There is often a feeling of distrust of the Facebook advertising platform from businesses, however it is the most powerful advertising tool in the world right now. Nothing comes close.

The trick is working with an agency that knows the tool inside/out, its complete capabilities and will be transparent with you about the results.

Whether your business is looking to increase awareness of your brand, looking to increase traffic to your website to generate more business or increase purchases in your online store, Facebook Advertising is the most effective!

  • It can instantly increase awareness of an upcoming event
  • It can track how many people are watching your brand videos and create audiences that you retarget later
  • It can track all your website traffic with it’s Pixel so you can place ads in front of this audience for a new product or service
  • It can show people who have Liked or Messaged your business page specific products that are on sale.
  • It can Live Stream your seminar, event or product showing.

The list goes on, what Facebook as a tool can do for you if used correctly.

The three main mistakes I see businesses making with Facebook Advertising

1. Working with an agency that doesn’t specialise in Social Media Advertising
Many businesses get burnt spending money with agencies that didn’t perform. Most times it’s because the agency didn’t have a Facebook Ads specialist on their team or weren’t familiar with that niche.

2. Not having an effective offer
This is an easy one. Your offer on Facebook & Instagram needs to be effective in today’s disruptive marketing. Having an offer that a customer can get 365 days a year on your website is not an offer. Today to stand out my best recommendation is to add value to your existing product or service. Don’t discount. There is a time for discounting and you shouldn’t lead with it if you can avoid it.

3. Creative
Something that most businesses don’t think about enough. Creative can be the difference between your offer succeeding and failing. It can be the difference between your brand being seen or ignored on social media. Spend the time creating assets before you start your campaigns. Don’t rush this, your ROI will be more positive if you do this right.

If you are looking to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website, touch base with us today for a chat.