This week I had a phone call from an old client and friend I had worked with in the fitness industry. The call was for help to rescue their campaigns. The results they were getting were too expensive and the leads were not picking up the phone to book.

This brand is global and has over 5 different types of agencies working on their campaigns, but none were successful after months of trying.

Now the scary part is how much businesses get charged when they are not getting the results they need.

The other concern is how many agencies are out there showboating, claiming to be something they are NOT. Creative agencies saying they also do social advertising. Branding agencies saying the same and even CPC agencies for Google thinking they can do Facebook without a proper Facebook advertising team.

I’m not saying that a Creative agency can’t do Facebook advertising – I’m saying that if they say they do, they need to make damn well sure they have a specialist media buying team. A team that works on client Facebook Ad accounts – day in and day out.

I don’t go around telling businesses I can do Brand when I am not a specialist.

Our agency is known as a Performance Marketing agency – we make sure that we set up specific KPI’s with clients at the start of our partnership and we are held accountable. After a couple months of data we know what is working for a client and what’s missing. Our fee is then measured on our performance. This way everything we do is carefully planned and strategically executed to achieve the client’s desired results.

If your agency isn’t being held to standards and your results aren’t what you want, have a conversation about putting specific measurable KPI’s in place, so your return on investment (ROI) is positive and geared for ongoing success.

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